In this site you will find all manner of things to help make your life magickal. We have information and advice on choosing & using crystals & essential oils, herbs & incense. We also sell a wide range of these items in our online catalogue. In our site you can also learn about divination & spellcraft, as well as being able to buy your own runes, tarot cards, pendulums & spellkits. We also offer an email Tarot reading service.
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Spell sets & related items sold on the site are sold as curiosity items only. We make no claims as to their effectiveness. All known safety information has been given, but we cannot take responsibility for misuse. None of the items should be taken internally unless stated otherwise. Keep all items away from children and animals. If you are pregnant, breast feeding or have any known allergies, medical condition or are on medication please check with your GP before using any of the oils & herbs sold on the site. Care should be taken with candles, incense and charcoal discs. Make sure they are placed on non flammable surfaces and away from all flammable materials.

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